Founded: 29 January 1998

Father Justin Cunningham – Assembly 2518

Faithful Navigator Update/News

Per our Faithful Captain. With the Covid19 restrictions and having to deal with individually packaged meals to satisfy Diocesan requirements our cost has increased and needs to be passed along. Our 25-year-old $5.00 per meal is no longer feasible, in fact it has not been for some time. The assembly took up the matter at the July meeting and has settled on $10 per meal from here on out. To prevent waste, I need a head count no later than Sunday prior to our meeting. One additional note if there is food leftover, I am asking that anyone who takes food away also pay for that food so we can sustain our funds throughout these times. Having no fund raisers to fall back on we do not want to deplete the bank account feeding ourselves.

Be aware that if you do not respond there may not be a meal available for you

Officers 2020-2021

Faithful Navigator: SK Victor A Villar-Gosalvez email
CaptainSK Robert J. Bangel
AdmiralSK Scott B. Harrison
PurserSK David Cauffield
PilotSK E. Eddie Griffin
ScribeSK Doug Mullinex
Inner SentinelSK Phillip W. Carr
Outer SentinelSK Joseph Pauli
Trustee 1st YearSK James F. Cullinan
Trustee 2nd YearSK Timothy Walker
Trustee 3d YearSK Harold Conner
Comptroller: Gordon A. Genovese email
Commander: Robert P. Maheremail

Our Mission

The assembly consists of Sir Knights from 5 different councils that serve seven churches and both, the Dioceses of Arlington, VA and the Dioceses of Richmond, VA.

Faithful Navigator

Worthy Sir Knights, I would like to thank all of you for your patience during these trying times. The health of all of the members of our assembly and their families needs to be of utmost importance. We have implemented certain procedures(some of them required by mandate) to reduce risk and to accommodate those of you that confined at home. I would like to thank last years officers and coordinators that allowed us to continue meeting in a Virtual environment. I can assure you that I will be drawing on the combined knowledge and skills of you my fellow Knights to help me perform my duties as Faithful Navigator to the best of my abilities. Let us all pray for a speedy end to our current crisis. Vivat Jesus.

Our next scheduled meeting will be on August 25th at St. Jude, Mineral, Va. The meeting is in person for all those able to; however it will be on Zoom for those who are not able to get out.

Commander’s Message

I’m happy to report that two members have obtained the ORD and reported to two events and have been reimbursed for half the purchase cost. More Sir Knights are needed to augment our Color Corps.

Our next Color Corps event will be a Eucharistic Procession on 30 August at Holy Comforter.

Regional Marshal’s Report

It now has been confirmed to me by the Vice Supreme Master that the beatification Mass for Father McGivney will be at 11:00 on the 31st of October.  That is the same time we had planned for the exemplification on 31 October.

With the intent that brothers would be able to watch the beautification Mass on EWTN at 11:00, the 31 October 2020 Virginia Exemplification of the 4th degree will be moved to 2:00PM on 31 October 2020.

This is only a delay of a few hours and I hope that all the candidates will still be able to come on line or assemblies that are providing space for candidates to participate in the exemplification will still be able to secure the planned location during this time.  If there are any issues because of the time change please let me know as there are some other exemplifications during the month of October on other days with other Districts in the area that I would be able to secure a line for a Virginia Candidate that no longer can come on at 2:00 on the 31st.

Candidates should plan for at least two hours from 2:00 to 4:00.

Patriotically Yours


Stephen Paul Raschke Sr., PSD

Master, Virginia District

Knights of Columbus

– Bob

Associated Councils and Churches they support

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Council 11262 St. Judes (site currently not working)
Grand Knight – ?????
St. Judes
1937 Davis Highway, Mineral, VA
District 21

Council 13860 St. Isidore
Grand Knight – Tim Walker
St. Isidore the Farmer
14414 St Isidore Way, Orange, VA 22960
District 20

Council 11324 Fr. Justin Cunningham (UVA)
Grand Knight – Charles J. Rockacy
St. Thomas Aquinas
401 Alderman Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903
District 21

Council 11475 – Saints Peter and Paul
Grand Knight – Charles J. Rockacy
Saints Peter and Paul
4309 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy, Palmyra VA 22963
District 21

Council 3760 – Fr. Louis A. Rowen
Grand Knight – Geritt “Kees” Boogaart
Church of the IncarnationHoly ComforterSt. George
401 Alderman Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA
District 21

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