Father Justin Cunningham – KofC Assembly 2518

Founded: 29 January 1998

Officers 2020-2021

Faithful Navigator: SK Victor A Villar-Gosalvez email
CaptainSK Robert J. Bangel
AdmiralSK Scott B. Harrison
PurserSK Gary D. Larson
PilotSK E. Eddie Griffin
ScribeSK Doug Mullinex
Inner SentinelSK Phillip W. Carr
Outer SentinelSK Joseph Pauli
Trustee 1st YearSK James F. Cullinan
Trustee 2nd YearSK Timothy Walker
Trustee 3d YearSK Harold Conner
Comptroller: Gordon A. Genovese email
Commander: Robert P. Maheremail

Our Mission

The assembly consists of Sir Knights from 5 different councils that serve seven churches and both, the Dioceses of Arlington, VA and the Dioceses of Richmond, VA.

Faithful Navigator

(To be added later)

Commander’s Message

(To be added later)

Regional Marshal’s Report

The 02 November 2019 Exemplification in Manassas went great. We now have 100 new 4th Degree Sir Knights. The next Exemplification will be held 18 April 2020 in Virginia Beach, site still to be determined. – Bob

Associated Councils and Churches they support

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Council 11262 St. Judes (site currently not working)
Grand Knight – ?????
St. Judes
1937 Davis Highway, Mineral, VA
District 21

Council 13860 St. Isidore
Grand Knight – Tim Walker
St. Isidore the Farmer
14414 St Isidore Way, Orange, VA 22960
District 20

Council 11324 Fr. Justin Cunningham (UVA)
Grand Knight – Charles J. Rockacy
St. Thomas Aquinas
401 Alderman Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903
District 21

Saints Peter and Paul KofC Council
Grand Knight – Charles J. Rockacy
Saints Peter and Paul
4309 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy, Palmyra VA 22963
District 21

Council 3760 – Fr. Louis A. Rowen
Grand Knight – Geritt “Kees” Boogaart
Church of the IncarnationHoly ComforterSt. George
401 Alderman Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA
District 21

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